White Supremacists are one of the most dangerous extremist groups that are active within the United States. These groups include the infamous Ku Klux Klan, racist skinhead movements and neo-confederate movements in the US. They are motivated by a hatred of other religious minorities or racial groups. White Supremacists believe that the successes of minority groups represent a threat to not only their own success but to their own culture too (White). They often try to oppress minorities politically through violence and intimidation. Historically these groups have held significantly more power over American politics and culture but they have been waning in power over the past several decades. For instance, the Ku Klux Klan has dropped from its height in popularity in the 1920’s of around four million members down to only around five
Thousand today (Ku). Although they are certainly not as relevant today as they once were, White Supremacists have killed more Americans every year since the 9/11 attacks than Islamic inspired extremists have (Plucinska).Some of their methods include the use of threats to frighten minorities, murdering activists and assaulting successful minorities. A popular tactic used by these groups is to try to agitate the general public by holding anti-immigrant or anti-black rallies in areas that will disturb the maximum number of people (What). Due to a decline in membership and the fracturing of white supremacist organizations, many have relied on new media to spread their hateful messages with online papers like “the Daily Stormer” which describes itself as a white supremacist and alt-right website. These websites are used to spread headlines like “Israel Attacks Syrian Army Again – Second Time in Two Days!” accusing the Israeli government of supporting ISIS in their terrorism (Wines).