World Day of Social Justice

Our world requires more transparency and less destruction. There is turmoil in every corner of the world and unfortunately those who promote peace and justice are under numerous pressure to stop their work. Defending the voiceless is an honor those who seek Social Justice should be applauded instead of imprisoned or prosecuted for standing for rights of others.

The 20th of February is observed as World Day of Social Justice since 2009. An underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations is defined as Social Justice according to the official website of the United Nations Organization. The principles of Social Justice are upheld to promote gender equality or the rights of indigenous people and migrants. Promoting development and human dignity through Social Justice is the core value of the UN. The UN website claims that the organization is committed to social justice and collective development as it is apparent in the adoption of the Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization (DSJFG) by the International Labor Organization (ILO). This declaration is focused upon guaranteeing fair and just outcomes for everyone through social protection, justice, employment, fundamental principles, social dialogue, and just rights at the workplace.

Freemuslim seizes the opportunity to send a general message to the leaders who have poor implementation of social justice, whether the justice of the distribution of wealth or racial and sectarian discrimination, to call for a review of their policies and its measures. Some of these policies put in effect violate the human rights laws, indicating the danger of continuing to ignore the legitimate demands of people’s rights. The organization stresses that historical experiences have proven the futility of arbitrary, tyrannical and dictatorial methods which have only reversed the positive growth of a nation and have only lead to interior disputes, segregation of communities an isolation of minorities. 

During this Social Justice day, let us take a second look at our policies and come up with inclusive methods to welcome minorities and add their expertise plus their heritage for betterment of our communities instead of using differences to build walls between people. ( metaphorically speaking ). Those individuals who interrupt the peace of communities by their ill actions need to be brought to justice, and those individuals who seek justice for others, promote peace, or have constructive suggestions for betterment of the society should be given a chance to voice their opinions in the hopes of achieving more results with increased input.

Increased diversity leads to decrease of isolation in a society and when all people feel they can be part of a county, community, lifestyle; they become positive contributors instead of destructive forces. Countries should facilitate platforms for everyone to voice their opinion peacefully. A win-win scenario for all.