Engagement of the Youth in Shaping the Future

Freemuslim’s director, Moujtaba Akhwand attended the ECOSOC Youth Forum 2023 at the United Nations Headquarters with the hope of engaging with the youth and youth representations from around the world and listening to their concerns about our path to achieve tangible results.  The humanitarian efforts rely on variety of approaches to reach a sustainable result. Multilateral work leads to amplification of the efforts and ensures better results, faster and more effective. Building inclusive societies requires knowing all factors that add diversity to the societies and a mutual respect for their individual needs and lifestyles. Throughout the three day ECOSOC Youth Forum 2023, many young adults and young leaders shared their input about what is needed to happen and most of them shared the need to include the young adults at the decision making table.

Freemuslim’s director Mr. Akhwand emphasizes on the importance of building diverse societies through cultivating potentials available in societies and creating platforms for the youth to voice their opinions and positive constructive suggestions to advance in achieving tangible results. Another very important issue that needs to be kept in mind is the fact that not two countries have identical needs, hence it is essential to approach every subject customized to each country and region separately. For instance; Women Rights in Africa is different from Woman Rights for Europe. In Europe; women strive to achieve equal pay whereas in Africa, some women still struggle have minimal human rights. It is essential to customize the efforts and streamline the efforts after that region/ countries particular needs are being analyzed to recognize what is very important, and what is somewhat important. Prioritizing what goals to achieve first often leads to easier achievement of less important goals.

Mr. Akhwand also emphasized the importance of reducing the social, political, and economical gap between different classes of the society. If one part of the society advances and another part of the society is left behind, there will be a relapse in efforts and unfortunately slow down the achievement of results that will remain effective for the society as a whole

Freemuslim applauds the efforts by the United Nations to include the youth at the decision making process and we encourage and urge the youth to take their role seriously and work towards setting examples for the future generations to follow.