World Humanitarian Day 

In this year’s World Humanitarian Day campaign, the global humanitarian community comes together to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the attack on the UN headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq. This serves as a testament to the  unyielding commitment to providing true support for the various communities and societies, regardless of their identity or geographical location. Humanitarians are driven solely by the purpose of preserving and defending lives, ensuring the basic essentials of life reach those people who need them. They stand hand in hand with the communities they serve, instilling a sense of hope.

On the 19th of August, we unite to honor all humanitarians across the globe, who tirelessly strive to meet the ever-expanding global needs. Despite the peril and adversity, these humanitarians venture into disaster-stricken regions and onto conflict front lines, working to rescue and safeguard individuals in vulnerable situations.

We in Freemuslim hold the view that embodying a humanitarian spirit encompasses two aspects: safeguarding the human rights every human being deserves and championing the rights of others. We urge Muslims globally to contribute as contributors of positive transformation in their societies and amongst their nations, while exemplifying the genuine essence of Islam as a faith characterized by compassion, benevolent actions, kindness, and harmony.