Burial of Japanese Muslims


 Freemuslim’s Inclusion Forum is alarmed bAccording to Waseda University’s database, over 230,000 Muslims live in Japan and these Muslims face several difficulties. One of the most important difficulties is the lack of places to bury their deceased loved-ones. Japan has only seven burial sites that accept burial of Muslims and other faith affiliates. Many regions in Japan, including Kyushu region, have no burial sites and Muslims are forced to bury their loved ones hundreds of miles away from their hometowns. To be noted, Muslims bury their deceased loved-ones in a manner that is most Earth friendly and body disintegrates in the healthiest manner for our ecosystem. Muslims bury their deceased loved-ones in a thin fabric, without any complexity to the burial despite other faith and religions that bury their loved-ones in a full suit and clothing which complicates the decomposition of the body and its toll on our ecosystem to break down. Despite this ease of burial which is most beneficial to our ecosystem, Muslims face difficulty getting approval to have designated burial sites and cemeteries from Japanese government.

We encourage the Japanese government to be more respectful towards individuals who were important while they were tax payers and now that they are dead, their bodies have to either be cremated or buried hundreds of miles away, even the 7 multicultural burial sites have grave availability. Cremation is a disrespect towards a human body according to Islamic Law and prohibited. Japanese Muslims like any other minority that believes in burying bodies ( Christianity, Jewish, etc ) deserve to honor their loved-ones properly and according to their faith.