Car Bomb in Syria’s Ras Al-Ain

Freemuslim Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention (CDREP) strongly condemns any act of violence, especially inhumane acts by any and all terrorist groups; regardless of faith or ethnicity.  A car bomb exploded close to vegetable market in Turkish-held border town of Ras Al- Ain in northeaster part of Syria on Saturday January 2nd 2021. Five people have been killed, including 2 children and many have been wounded. Frequent terrorist attacks are unfortunately reoccurring in Ras al-Ain. On December 10, a car bomb killed 16 people including two civilians and three Turkish personnel at a checkpoint in the town. In July, the blast from an explosives-rigged motorbike ripped through a vegetable market there, killing at least eight people, including six civilians. More than 387,000 people have been killed and millions forced from their homes since Syria’s war started in 2011.
Civilian lives should be spared and people should be able to commute to and from public places, especially houses of worship, shopping plazas, fruit and vegetable markets and etc., without fear of losing their lives. If and when there are disputes between political or ideological groups; there should be done away from civilian places and in a battle zone. We ask the Syrian government to increase security checkpoints in common places especially houses of worship, hospitals, and people’s markets.