The International Day to Combat Islamophobia

Ignorance coupled with extremism has resulted in a phenomenon that does not exclude from its ugliness one person over another regardless of their race, ethnicity or religious affiliation, and it is a serious scourge that afflicts some societies for several reasons of different origin and interpretation.

The phenomenon of hatred against Islam has emerged among some peoples, influenced by its members at times by the actions of terrorist organizations that clam to be Islamist, instead they impose their own rulings upon people in their territories or cities.  In recent years, many massacres, crimes, and religious and ethnic cleansing atrocities have been committed, motivated by hatred and hatred against Islam and those who follow it, despite the fact that most of those involved in these violations did not closely see the reality of Islam and Muslims, but rather were affected by propaganda and suspicious agendas that spread their hatred against Muslims.

Islam intends to elevate and honor human being regardless of their belief, and the verses of the Holy Qur’an, which is the most sacred book from which the teachings of Islam derive, stipulate acceptance and respect for followers of other religions, and preserving their rights, lives and dignity.

There is a need to facilitate more dialogue between different people in the society so the misunderstandings are reduced. We encourage increase in diversity as it leads to increased tolerance for people and also leads to peaceful coexistence.