The International Non-Violence Organization Freemusilm expresses its deep concern over reports of Uyghurian Muslims in Xinjiang province in the far west of the Republic of China, calling on all human rights organizations to investigate the truth to protect the Muslim people in China.
The Chinese authorities have arrested tens of thousands of Uyghurian Muslims in an operation with political objectives that blatantly violate human rights, as well as arresting members of religious minorities in the province.
Over the past few years the Xinjiang Province has witnessed numerous arbitrary practices by Chinese authorities, mostly targeting the Muslim minority living there, resulting in deaths and injuries, as well as the arrest of thousands for political reasons.
The Freemuslim Association Inc sees that the Chinese authorities are adopting a racist policy towards Muslims and other religious minorities is a flagrant violation of international laws and a crime the law punishes, especially since they have a profound impact on human rights on various levels of humanity, especially with regards to public and personal freedoms and the right of worshiping.
The Freemuslim Association Inc calls on all human rights organizations around the world to investigate the fate of the detainees and to reveal the nature of the practices carried out by the Chinese authorities and to push the latter to stop these serious violations. God is behind the intent.