The International Nonviolence Organization, Freemuslim, expresses its deep concern about the growing international tensions over the Syrian crisis and warns all sides about the repercussions of being dragged into a military confrontation.
The Freemuslim Association Inc received with great regret the reports of the Syrian missile attacks carried out by the United States of America, Britain and France recently, especially that the attacks were illegal and out of the international consensus and without verifying the allegations of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army against civilians in Duma.
The Freemuslim Association Inc considers that the resorting of the aggressor countries to impose the status and its recent military escalation outside the umbrella of international law shows disregard for international charters and flagrant violation of international law, as well as being an attack on a legitimate state facing the threat of terrorism on its territory.
The Freemuslim Association Inc notes that the global stability after the tripartite strike on Syria is suffering from great fragility and danger. Its consequences may be the result of a global war that threatens the fate of all mankind and undermines the human civilization and its values in a comprehensive manner. That no one walk from as a winner.
Therefore, The Freemuslim Association Inc stresses on all parties, especially Western countries, to firstly refrain from violating international laws and existing conventions, for the interests of international security and secondly in order to avoid the outbreak of world wars and thirdly in addition to verifying the credibility of the recent rumors of use of banned international weapons.