Our Center for De-Radicalization and Extremism Prevention has received the latest developments in Yemen with great sorrow and concern, especially as the worst victims of this tragedy are the defenseless civilians who have been victimized every day from inside and outside the country.
The organization expresses its deep concern that the recent events have affected the people of Yemen in a way that exacerbates the pain of this suffering people, especially with the presence of those who knock the drums of sedition and seek to continue the war.
At the same time, many parties inside and outside Yemen call for the removal of innocents from the destructive war that has been burned to its ground. Therefore, the organization calls on all conflicting parties in Yemen to pay attention to the magnitude of the tragedy that the innocent people are suffering every day as this war continues, while calling on the coalition countries to stop the bombing operations that killed thousands of defenseless civilians and to work towards repairing them as it’s one of the most important worships.
The organization also calls on the international community to adopt urgent humanitarian agendas to save the Yemeni people according to fair visions and proposals for a solution that guarantees the rights of all parties fairly and without discrimination or favoritism.