East Turkestan has been occupied by China since 1949. East Turkestan is a majority Muslim Country, and 60 million of its population has lost their lives ever since the 1949 occupation.
In 1952 alone, China executed 120,000 people in East Turkistan, most of whom were sharia scholars, Burhan Shahidi, the governor of East Turkistan, said at the time. From 1949 to 1979, the Chinese occupation destroyed 29,000 mosques in East Turkestan.
From 1997 until now, China has closed 1,200 mosques in East Turkestan, turning some into Communist Party headquarters or offices. China has also set fire to 370,000 Quran teaching centers in the eastern city of Urumqi, the capital of East Turkistan.
The Chinese occupation sent 54,000 religious staff from East Turkestan to work in labor camps, gathered imams and forced them to dance. The Chinese occupation also burned a group of veiled women who refused to take off their headscarves, burned alive in Kashgar and other cities of East Turkestan