Freemuslim’s Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention is aware of reports received from Sudanese State, particularly with regard to the number of deaths and injuries among protesters committed by security forces, thus it calls upon the authorities to show caution and wisdom in dealing with the protestors’ demands
The organization was saddened to hear reports that eight protesters were killed during their involvement in the demonstrations that call for improving the living conditions and urging the government to curb the severe economic crisis, since it strongly condemns the use of violence in dealing with peaceful protesters.
In the meantime, the organization is deeply concerned about the economic and political conditions in Sudan, especially in view of the apparent failure and inability of the ruling authorities to meet the decent living conditions for the people of the country. Thus, it warns of deepening the crisis that leads to undesired consequences for all Sudanese.
Freemuslim calls on the authorities to find quick and successful solutions to those issues, and also calls on the protesters to show restraint and not to use violence to voice their legitimate demands. Thus, the opportunity is missed for those who seek to fuel infighting, armed conflicts or any methods that make protesters deviate from the peaceful expressions, and God is who bestows success