Director of Freemuslim Association Inc,. Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention Mr. M. Akhwand attended an event hosted by the Heritage Foundation focusing on building effective approach to terrorism prevention in a informative presentation by Mrs. Elizabeth Neumann, Assistant Secretary for Threat Prevention and Security Policy, Department of Homeland Security and Mr. Seamus Hughes, Deputy Director of the Program on Extremism at George Washington University. Speakers emphasized on effectiveness of community education efforts, positive impact of peer to peer programs, and engagement of civic leaders in terrorism prevention.

Mr. Akhwand emphasized on reducing the gap between policy makers and civic society by incorporating feedbacks from marginalized groups in the United States and abroad and also, reduction of use of vocabulary that only portrays a counter effective meaning. Terms like Islamist Terrorism implies Islam can be a violent religion; whereas %99 of Muslims disagrees with.

Freemuslim Director also added as long as our international relationship is skewing our stance in fighting terrorism, marginalized people will not take sides with us, or any group that is hoping to bring fundamental change to the society. As a country in the global village, terrorist groups, their sponsors, and all their affiliates should be treated equally, and it is a double standard when we are allies with a country and that country sponsors a terror group openly and takes away minority rights.

As an independent Non-Governmental organization holding a United Nations Consultative Status; Freemuslim Association hopes to be able to eradicate extremism and reduce radicalization, by promoting peaceful coexistence, raising tolerance among people, and advocating for an inclusive society.