Inclusion Forum closely follows the political developments taking place in Algeria, particularly the rapid repercussions that followed the resignation of former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and the assumption of power by the military junta, expressing deep concern over some measures that may be considered a violation of human rights.

In the midst of these developments, it was noted that the military junta carried out an unprecedented campaign of arrests in the ranks of those considered by the supporters of the former president or his associates, according to some observers – to the desire of the people longing for freedom and accountability of shares during the last period to consolidate the former dictatorial regime, These measures take a dangerous course that could lead to a steep erosion of arbitrariness that could harm innocent people  deliberately or unintentionally infringe on the rights of citizens. This is a major challenge facing the democratic process.

Therefore, the organization calls on all responsible parties in the State of Algeria to be vigilant and mindful of rights of citizens. Violent arrest or mass arrest have consequences and often times there would be individuals whose rights are violated without cause. Inclusion Forum asks authorities in Algeria to not replace one form of dictatorship with another and take steps towards democracy, an Algeria where all minorities; regardless of faith, religion or gender have are part of its core.