Freemuslim Association is deeply concerned by the escalating tension in the Gulf region, asking all parties to exercise maximum restraint to spare the opportunity to ignite a war. We warn of the possible catastrophic consequences of any armed confrontation in the region and the world at large. The organization sees the media escalation and the mutual military buildup between the United States of America and Iran on the other hand as an irresponsible slip-up that, if it continues, could lead to a military confrontation that takes many lives from both sides.

Without a doubt, the victims and suffering of the peoples of the region, which will inflict the greatest damage to the parties, are not inextricably linked to what is happening. Hereby we emphasize that the recent operations targeting a number of vessels off the UAE port of Fujairah are a very dangerous indicator of suspicious attempts fuel the fires of wars. A truthful and transparent investigation is necessary to reduce tensions.

In times where ISIS and its affiliates have fled Iraq and Syria, the neighboring countries may serve as a recruitment opportunity for the extremist group. Our global efforts to defeat the Extremist Un-Islamic group may see a slow pace if they have been given an opportunity to rise again. Military conflicts not only destabilize the region but also put in danger civilians who are innocent.