Indian Embassy in Washington D.C

Freemuslim has contacted the Indian embassy in Washington D.C in hopes of securing a meeting to converse with His Excellency Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu or one of staff members regarding contentious pressure Muslim women face regarding their Hijab freedom. Unfortunately we have not received any response via phone, or email of the embassy. We will mail our letter to the embassy plus all the signatories from individuals and organizations who have joined us in our advocacy for women rights.

Laws cannot target a huge number of people, unless that group is in violation of a preexisting law The recent Hijab ban from educational facilities  is baseless and  targets all minorities in India. Muslim women are asked to remove their Hijabs when they are entering educational facilities. This is a clear violation of United Nation’s Deceleration of Human Rights. Hijab is part of  Muslim woman’s identity, and can not, and should not be limited by  the law. We ask Indian authorities to embrace India’s diversity as a positive factor and include Hijab in the educational uniforms. No one should force Hijab upon women,  no one should ban it; Hijab is a choice.

Unfortunately the ill actions of extremist groups like ISIS, Daesh, has portrayed a barbaric image of Islam instead of true Islam which is a peaceful religion and promotes individual’s learning and educational advancement.

Freemuslim will continue monitoring changes in India’s policies and hopes India embraces the diversity in hopes of enhancing people’s lives instead of limitation and isolation of individuals due to their belief. We agree that extremist groups should be fought and eradicated and we work tirelessly to combat extremism, especially when religion is used as a tool. Hijab was not introduced by extremist groups, nor should it be forced off or on a woman’s head.  By taking such severe actions, India is following foot steps of extremist groups who only see their way as the only path forward.