Unfortunately, many statistics and facts indicate a horrific rise in the number of victims of conflict among children, especially during the current decade especially within countries of the “Middle Eastern” region.
The occurrence of military operations and armed conflicts in the combat zones posed a serious threat to children directly and indirectly victimized by those conflicts. Furthermore, the quality of the lives of children also deteriorated as a consequences of conflicts of poverty and destitution, the absence of medical and psychological care and the denial of education.
In addition, forcing children to engage in combat operations such as forcible recruitment is the worst kind of violation that has been reached. There are countless governmental and independent organizations which have witnessed children younger than 14 years of age being forced into recruitment to fight in armed conflicts. This has resulted in the death of thousands of innocent victims who are unaware of political agendas.
Many children in the Middle East and Africa suffer from the continued denial of their supposed rights, such as the right to education and medical care which contribute to a higher standard of life. Instead, children are forced to engage in work which is not appropriate to their age. This is another factor which has slowly deteriorated children’s quality of health and wellbeing.
In many countries, arresting children and/or the adoption of punitive measures on political grounds is standard. These measures are characterized by repression, torture and government intimidation which are flagrant violation of the political regulations of the United Nations conventions and agreements on the rights of children. Yemen, Syria, Bahrain and many other developing countries are clear examples of the inhumane situation experienced by children due to political conflict.

Thus, FreeMuslim Association Inc., calls on the international community to pay attention to this continuous tragedy regarding the astonishing poor quality of life children endure in conflict zones. It is necessary to implement human rights legislations adopted by the United Nations which will guarantee their rights and avoid any further physical or mental trauma.