With growing concern, the FreeMuslim’s Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention follows the dangerous developments in Turkey, expressing its deep condemnation of the continuing human rights violations against political opponents and the continued targeting of Turkish elites and anti-tyrannical competencies.
The Turkish authorities have referred dozens of academic professors to the judiciary on false grounds for expressing their opposition to the policies of the Turkish president in a renewed action aiming at silencing the dissidents as well as marginalizing broad social strata within Turkish societies.
We sees this authoritarian act as a serious challenge to constitutional freedoms and rights in Turkey and clearly reflects the extent of the great decline of democracy in the country which could lead to catastrophic consequences on more than one level.
The organization calls on the Turkish president and judicial authorities to judge more than 150 political and academic opposition figures to review the measure, also demanding the release of prisoners of conscience and all political opponents from prison.
The organization also calls on the Turkish president to take good governance in the affairs of the country and the people, not to resort to marginalization and exclusion in dealing with the other opinion, as well as not to resort to a policy of intimidation and encouragement in the attempts to pass political agendas, Turkey on the one hand, and a flagrant violation of all constitutional rights on the other.