Statement of the Freemuslim Association on International Women and Girls’ Day in the Field of Science

Women play an important role in our societies and are equal contributors to the growth, well being and improvement of the society. Unfortunately there are still countries where women’s rights remain limited, or are intentionally put aside. Millions of women worldwide lack basic health necessities, equal rights in society and communities. In addition to pursue of basic rights, in may countries violent acts are carried out towards women and young girls for no particular reason. Within passed decades, there has been an increasing attention given to elevating status of women and establishing equal rights to men.

As the occasion of International Women’s and Girls’ Day in the field of science brings to light many of the challenges that have already been agreed upon in this regard, women continue to be denied their right to acquire human sciences as well as any educational advancement in many other subjects and fields. Women still account for less than 30 percent of researchers worldwide, and according to UNESCO data (2014-2016), only about 30 percent of all students choose fields related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics in higher education.

On this occasion, we recall the great theologian Sayyid Sadiq al-Shirazi, emphasizing the importance of restoring rights of women worldwide. Women share similar responsibilities as men do in our societies if not more, and advancement of women in field of science and other intellectual subjects plays a key importance in advancement of our societies at large.

Freemuslim Association’s Inclusion Forum calls upon leaders and heads of government in the developing world to adopt the 2015 agreement adopted by world leaders to achieve the global goals of sustainable development by 2030, and to work hard and in a dedicated manner to serve the general humanitarian goals.