International Day for Science and Peace

Science and knowledge occupied a pivotal space and a main reason for human advancement and happiness, in which nations enjoy and prosper, and the progress and stability of peoples have always been associated with science and knowledge. And because peace was associated with knowledge and science, like two things that are inseparable, it has become necessary to spread the human sciences in all its details on the face of the globe for people to benefit from it materially and morally. As the international community commemorates the anniversary of the International Day of Science and Peace, the Freemuslim association calls on humanitarian institutions to focus efforts in order to spread science and knowledge, and in parallel with that, peace undoubtedly prevails. . The organization calls for the need to work on spreading and strengthening scientific facilities around the world, starting with regular schools and universities, passing through cultural institutions and last but not least the organizations that promote those efforts. In this regard, the organization stresses on the official and Islamic civil institutions the necessity of urging efforts to popularize scientific experiments among youth circles and to provide an opportunity to acquire knowledge and prepare its means as one of the pillars of Islam and its most important principles.