Freemuslim’s inclusion forum condemns the violence in the recent events in Baghdad.


Freemuslim  expresses its strong condemnation and denunciation of the Iraqi forces’ resort to violence during their response to the protesters in Baghdad, expressing its great hope over the deaths and injuries of a number of people. The security forces used live bullets to confront the crowds of protesters against the results of the recent parliamentary elections, which resulted in the killing of at least four demonstrators and the wounding of more than 123 others.

At the same time, the organization condemns the actions of intruders in the demonstrations with the aim of disturbing security and attacking the security forces that were trying to control the security and safety of the demonstrations. The organization holds the Baghdad government and the affected parties organizing the demonstrations responsible for the acts of violence, demanding that the responsible personalities and parties be referred to the judiciary, stressing at the same time the need for protesters and security forces to maintain restraint and to miss the opportunity of those who seek to create chaos in the country and resort to supposed legal methods to challenge the election results.

Iraq is constructed from tribes and has a very diverse root, we encourage more inclusiveness in order to unite the country.