Taliban’s Failure in Afghanistan

Taliban’s claim to construct an inclusive society in Afghanistan has failed tremendously while numerous human rights violations have taken place. Taliban does not represent Islamic society as a whole and it only represents a faith-affiliation called Deobandi fundamentalism and militant Islamism, combined with Pashtun social and cultural norms known as Pashtunwal. Within few months of taking control over Afghanistan’s government, number of human rights violations have taken place which includes closure of schools for girls and educational facility for women and young girls. Also social, cultural and educational places that facilitated platforms for minorities and people who do not obey by Deobandi faith have been closed. Devotees to other sects of Islam live in fear for their lives and any criticism towards to Taliban is answered by extreme use of force in brutality and inhumanely.

Freemuslim’s Center for De-radicalization and Extremism Prevention (CDREP) strongly condemns limitations put forward by Taliban and any ISIS affiliation in Afghanistan including ISIS-K. Recent bombings in Afghanistan only portrays the true colors of what Taliban and its affiliation with ISIS-K, which is a branch of ISIS, are like. Although Taliban claims they are in dispute with ISIS-K, but their actions shows otherwise. Afghans deserve to elect their government, a government where weapons are used in defensive wars against intrusion by outside forces and not as a common tool to silence voices of people. An inclusive society may come a cost, but that cost should not be loss of generations of Afghans, minorities living in fear, women silenced, girls forced out of schools and educational facilities, and contentious bombings of houses of worship.