International Refugee Day

Thousands of refugees are living under inhumane standards in camps around the world that lack security and safety and lack the required food and health supplies, amid the international community’s disregard for this global tragedy, with great regret. Human rights data show that tens of thousands of refugees due to wars, political turmoil, desertification and climate problems are suffering in camps without any real effort to rehabilitate their humanitarian conditions, after many great countries have failed to find solutions to the suffering they face.

At the same time, we are witnessing a continuation of the phenomenon of illegal immigration from some countries of the developing world due to the exacerbation of the reasons that drive people to migrate from their countries and lands towards the unknown destination. Freemuslim seizes the anniversary approved by the United Nations as an International Refugee Day to direct its call to major countries, human rights activists and humanitarian organizations around the world to intensify their efforts to end harm to refugees, especially the obstructive controls and obstacles that prevent the internationally agreed right of asylum in accordance with United Nations laws.