World Day Against Child Labor

Freemuslim Association, Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention (CDREP)  strongly condemns the phenomenon of child labor, calling on political systems and influential leaders to adhere to the treaties of the International Labor Organization and its relevant laws.  Freemuslim joins with the international community in commemorating the anniversary of the World Day Against Child Labor, stressing the importance facilitating a platform fro children to learn and act like a child. Both cognitive and physical growth is important for the brain and physique of a child. Girsl and boys equally deserve to have proper education, clothing, environment, nutrition and nourishment, and more importantly emotional support to advance in life.  

At the same time, the organization calls on the major countries to provide a helping hand to the peoples of developing countries that still suffer from dangerous rates of this painful phenomenon. Statistics on monitoring child labor indicate a dangerous rise in the number of children who are forced to work, especially children working in sectors that threaten their safety, as well as depriving them of human rights approved by laws as well as the violations they are exposed to, especially in areas suffering poverty and political turmoil. 

Children of today are leaders of tomorrow, if we do not plan their future properly and with care, our future is also at an unavoidable risk.