International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

More than seven decades have passed, and the Palestinian people are still suffering from displacement and racist policies that led to an ongoing conflict that left thousands of innocent victims, without a glimmer of hope looming on the horizon to put an end to what this people are facing. The international community insists on ignoring this suffering and the crimes and violations taking place in full swing, as well as a deliberate disregard for the legitimate and legal rights approved by the United Nations General Assembly and relevant Security Council resolutions.

The continuation of this suffering represents a disgrace to humanity and a flagrant failure in moral responsibility and legal obligations, which requires a comprehensive review of the political positions, slogans and goals for which international human rights organizations were established. Expressing its absolute solidarity with the Palestinian people on the international day of support that falls on the twenty-ninth of November of each year, Freemuslim stresses the need to put an end to their suffering and work to implement international resolutions that restore their rights in full without detraction, we call upon major powers to search for a comprehensive solution that assures rights of Palestinians and reduces chances of future conflict.