Freemuslim Association Inc., Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention asks the Tunisian authorities to adhere to the democratic approach and good governance in managing of State affairs. Yet, the organization stresses the necessity to maintain all the rights of protesters and opposition groups demanding political or economic reform.

The organization has noted the present events in Tunisia, and the results of it characterized by the aspects of suppression or violence in dealing with protesters. In this regard, the organization demands the logic of reason and self-restraint by the authority and act as peace builders. Tunisians, like any other population, look up to their statesmen for bridging the gap as oppose to allowing the situation to get worse by their silence.

Our Extremism experts keep an eye on the situation in Tunisia with great concern, especially after the political scene in the country has witnessed some human rights violations by the authorities and resorting to force in order to suppress the protesters, which may lead to undesirable circumstances for all sides. It takes tireless efforts to consolidate and establish the rules of public and private liberties in a safe manner, and Tunisians deserve nothing less than a prosperous country. Diversity and peaceful coexistence helps bridging the gap between all ethnicities present in Tunisia.