Coronavirus Spreads Rapidly in Israeli Prison

Freemuslim is concerned with rapid spread of Covid-19 in Gilboa Prison in Israel. As of Tuesday evening, more than 80 prisoners at the Gilboa prison in central Israel had contracted the coronavirus, according to the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs. The Israeli Prison Service has canceled prison visits in response to the outbreak, and announced plans to move the infected prisoners to the Tzalmon detention center in the Galilee.

Israel’s High Court rejected two petitions urging the adoption of available methods that could reduce coronavirus infection among Palestinian security prisoners. Last week 87 of them tested positive – in one jail. In late July the three justices had rejected a petition warning of the danger of the spread of the illness in that specific prison, in northern Israel. They accepted the opinion of the State Prosecutor’s Office that the Israel Prison Service was doing everything necessary to prevent the infection of inmates in the country’s prisons, including Gilboa.
We ask Israeli Prison Service to provide necessary medical equipment to deal with this issue, cleanse and sanitize the areas where prisoners use often and control the spread of virus.
Covid-19 has spreads easily and does not discriminate between men, women, poor, rich, or followers of a faith over another. Regardless of where the spread is, it is essential to maximize efforts to stop the spread of Coronavirus.