The international community is commemorating the International Day of Tolerance as many parts of the world are suffering from high rates of conflict mostly due to ideological, ethnic, racial or national differences that have caused much pain and suffering for people on a wider social scale.
International Day of Tolerance was introduced on the 16th November 1996 by the United Nations. The aim for this date was to provide global awareness of current issues whilst contributing to the spread of love, renouncing violence and accepting each other regardless of intellectual, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
The international community continues to suffer due to wars and mutual hatred between many societies, even those who have been allies in the past. From this, a growing phenomenon of extremism, fanaticism and despicable racism fueled by suspicious bodies driven by destructive agendas that disregard human dignity and sanctity.
Therefore, FreeMuslim Association Inc., calls upon all official and popular bodies: international organizations, governments, human rights and humanitarian organizations to seize this anniversary by raising the pace of activities aiming at tackling all forms of racism and bridging the relations between the conflicting societies. Furthermore, FreeMuslim Association Inc., urges governments to adopt a domestic and international policy that would reduce the phenomenon of hatred and promote the principles of social peace and the acceptance of the others.