Solidarity with the Palestinians

Sixty-three years and the Palestinian issue is still suspended and without any peaceful solutions capable of stopping violence and ending the suffering of the Palestinians, and a deliberate absence by the international community to implement international laws that put an end to the misery and suffering suffered by the inhabitants of that occupied state.

As the United Nations organization celebrates the twenty-ninth of November of every year under the title of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. It is striking that there is no effective solidarity with this issue, with the exception of some courtesies and political bids that are useless. The Palestinian people, as they look to this day with an eye of sadness mixed with anger, are experiencing double frustration in addition to the human deterioration they have been suffering since the Israeli occupation, especially with the great powers backing away from their promises and violating international and international laws that are fair to them.

With the growing volume of threats and dangers resulting from the continuing problematic of the Palestinian situation, and the increasing state of international division towards it, the major countries and the influential countries need to review their accounts regarding this matter, hoping to reach comprehensive solutions that take into account international legal decisions and end the escalating state of tension in the Middle East region in general.

Freemuslim’s Inclusion Forum calls on the new US administration and the member states of the UN Security Council, along with the member states of the United Nations, to take fruitful action to solve this decades-old humanitarian and political crisis, hoping that everyone avoids its dangerous repercussions in the event of an all-out war that may loom We see it fully by the international community.