World Humanitarian Day

The international World Humanitarian Day has two aspects and an overall importance. It is a day to celebrate the importance of humanitarian work globally, regardless of where in the process of humanitarian work one person, organization, or country may be; and secondly it is a reminder that it takes collective effort to move forward. This day can be a great reminder for the international community that without humanitarian work, it is impossible to see the light and the end of the tunnel, so to speak. Different countries stand in different places in the Marathon of world success. Some still have tribal wars, some still need to provide the essentials like drinking water and a place to sleep for their citizens, whereas some other countries are so advanced in technology that people have a choice of what kind of drinking water to consume or how can they be self sufficient at the convenience of their homes. A unified method and a collective effort is needed to move the Success Indicators forward and the international World Humanitarian Day is a great day to keep the check mark united.

The overall importance of this day is so the countries assist each other in achieving success together, learn from mistakes on path of other countries, utilize those lessons to sail ahead with minimal loss in human power and natural sources. Unfortunately the most of World’s technology advancements are not open sourced and made available for less fortunate companies or countries to utilize, and hereby Freemuslim asks the international community to come together and  instead of competing for monetary gains and instead share resources to gain worldwide advancements.