Months have passed since the fierce Yemeni war started, in which thousands of innocent victims have been killed, as well as destruction impacting Yemen’s economics. This war has not spared anyone, it was and still unjustified and not legitimate or equal between different sides of the conflict.

In the Yemen’s conflict, neither war ethics nor international laws were followed. Hence, Yemen’s situation requires an urgent intervention of the International Community to stop the war after it has worsened in an unacceptable way. The continuation of this war represents an unprecedented humanitarian drain in the region for centuries.

The suffering became mutual between Saudi Arabia and Yemen people, whether on the security, economic or social level, leaving serious consequences for the people of both countries that will have an impact for many years to come without any doubt, especially after it exceeded all limits and norms and laws.

That is why the Global Non-violence Organization (Free Muslim) invites both sides of the conflict to stop and review themselves and speak in the language of reason and communication in order to stop this war and overcome sovereign borders or calm things down temporarily by not committing any aggressive activities and communicating and negotiating to stop the suffering of civilians in both countries.

The war has proved the loss of all those involved in it, and it did not achieve anything in spite of its cruelty and its period of nearly two years. The bombing of Yemen was in vain, so was the invasion of Saudi territory, which confirms that this war was and still a disappointed and unreasonable choice in most cases.

In this regard, the organization also invites the Arab League to make an impartial humanist intervention that will stop the war and end the suffering of Muslims in both Yemen and Saudi Arabia. And the God of the intent behind.

Free Muslim

Washington D.C