FreeMuslim Association Inc. condemns the terrorist attack in the Karrada district, Baghdad-Iraq.

The attack on innocent civilians in the Karrada district is evidence that immediate action is needed to put an end to ongoing violence in the region.

On behalf of FreeMuslim, we stand with the families whom have lost loved ones in the event of this attack. We strongly advise and encourage humanitarian organizations to investigate the continual practice of violence in the district of Karrada. In July of 2016, Karrada was attacked by a Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) truck that killed at least 324 people. Recently on April 30, 2017, at least 27 people have been killed by two car bomb explosives (i.e. one incident immediately followed the other). Based on the pattern of these attacks, there is a high probability that another terrorist attack is likely to occur in future holy months of Ramadan.
FreeMuslim Association Inc., calls for the international community to address the violence in Karrada district.