Societies, where minorities have more laws protecting their rights, tend to be more peaceful in general. Here at Freemuslim’s Inclusion Forum, we believe advocating for more inclusive societies helps eradicate extremism from society, promotes a culture of peaceful coexistence and portrays a welcoming environment for people from all faith, gender, race, ethnicity, and culture.

Freemuslim’s Washington D.C team stood side by side in solidarity with minorities advocating for equal rights for all human beings throughout a day-long event titled International Shia Day on June 12th 2019.  Shia are subjected to harsh religious discrimination in all countries they reside, no matter the ruling or majority religion. Whether attacks are coming from terrorist groups such as ISIS or from the government itself, Shia living in and around the Middle East are rarely safe. They face constant targeted limitations in their freedom of religion and expression.

Love conquers hate, and compassion reduces radicalization. It is important that people stand side by side in solidarity with victims of extremism and radicalization. The geographical locality is not important when facing problems that threaten our human race. Radicalization is a disease and it requires the collective measure to eradicate it and restore peace and harmony into our societies.