In an event hosted by the Middle East Institute titled Understating Taliban: What Do They want where experts in the subject matter including Ahmad Majidyar, William Maley, Candance Rondeaux, Marvin Weinbaum, and former ambassador of Afghanistan to France Ambassador Omar Samad equally shared their expert opinion about the challenges the conversation with the Taliban entails. Peace talks between the United States and the Taliban only means delegitimizing the Afghan government, gives more power and recognition to the extremist group and there is absolutely no valuable gain for the minorities in the Afghanistan.

                Director of Freemuslim’s Inclusion Forum Mr. Akhwand reiterates that any peace talks with Taliban should and must include minorities at the table present in true meaning of participation, and emphasizes on the fact that we as the global community will have zero gain from these talks. Women have suffered for too long, girls have lost ability to go to school and learn and become contributors to the society, especially in fields of medicine where female doctors and specialists are the only ones eligible to address women needs.

 Mr. Akhwand places an importance of an inclusive society where those minorities who have been brutally and inhumanly killed by the Taliban need recognition and restore of lost rights, and conducting peace talks with Taliban without giving recognition to suffering of millions of people, and dozens of minorities only gives the extremist group legitimization and a wrong decision, unless those minorities and women are %100 included, have rights, and are recognized legally.