Over the past six years, the Bahraini authorities have targeted women without any regard for the humanitarian or social standards prevailing in the country. The past few months have witnessed an escalation in this regard.

While many of the arrests that have taken place in the country have witnessed psychological and physical abuse and unbridled abuse, particularly cases of threats of rape, physical torture and other forms of intimidation. This is a matter of concern and calls for rapid international intervention to stop these gross violations.

As documented, in Bahrain dozens of cases that have been subjected to women torture, especially targeting activists of women’s rights on a continuous and repeated pace without deterrent to the security services, while many of the activists’ relatives were also arrested and tortured.

The organization believes that the decline of the Bahraini authority to this level of negative behavior towards the people represents a serious challenge to the international community and all international organizations that oppose systematic violations of human rights by repressive regimes and governments, demanding that all responsible parties activate international resolutions and charters that address these serious violations, stressing at the same time the authorities in Bahrain to release all detainees from its prisons and stop the acts of abuse