Freemuslim, Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention has confirmed data that confirm that the Egyptian authorities have arrested a number of Islamic students in Al-Azhar from purely political backgrounds, which constitutes a flagrant violation of all human rights and international laws.

According to data obtained by the organization, the Egyptian security services arrested dozens of students from the Chinese Uighurs minority studying at Al-Azhar University, at the request of the Chinese government in preparation for the deportation of these students.

Any extradition of Uighur students to Chinese authorities would pose a clear threat to their lives, especially as the Uighurs suffer from cultural and religious repression and discrimination, which China is accused of practicing.

The organization stresses its condemnation of the Egyptian action against the detained students demanding their immediate release and not to submit to pressures and political agendas that violate human rights, stressing at the same time that this indicates the disregard of the Egyptian authorities for the status of Al-Azhar and students of