Freemuslim, Center for De-radicalization & Extremism Prevention urges the international community and all members of the Security Council to intervene urgently to help the Yemeni people, who are subjected to mass genocide after the spread of epidemics and deadly diseases.

As all observers realize, Yemen is facing an existential threat of cholera and other deadly epidemics, with the inability of medical services and medical personnel to combat it optimally, killing dozens without any hope of receiving treatment in a timely manner.

In the same context, the war caused great damage to the various vital facilities necessary to sustain normal life, as well as the disruption of other humanitarian facilities such as schools, factories and other basic facilities inside Yemen, along with the deaths of thousands of innocent people in ongoing fighting.

The organization stresses that the international community is fully concerned to stop the ongoing war and save the Yemeni people from its repercussions by urging all the conflicting parties to stop the hostilities and allow the international humanitarian organizations to provide assistance and help to reduce the continuous deterioration of the humanitarian situation in this country.