We ask the authorities of Armenia and Azerbaijan to spare innocent people from an unwanted war

The deteriorating situation on the international border between Armenia and Azerbaijan is alarming and we express our concern for the lives of innocent children, women and men in those towns. We ask the authorities to do everything possible to reduce the tension in these areas. If the circumstances is a political turmoil, people in that region should not be paying the price. Wars have unavoidable consequences with direct economic and social consequences.

Armenian and Azerbaijani authorities have the responsibility to keep their citizens safe, and their dispute is coming at a high cost. At the same time this can be an opportunity for both governments to end the historical dispute and reassure their citizens, their lives matter and the government would do everything to keep them safe instead of inflicting wars at the expense of lives lost.

It is important for governments to have people who are patriotic to them, and people at the border of each country are the best gatekeepers, it is essential that they feel the government cares about their safety.