The Corona pandemic, with its disastrous repercussions, on the refugee population, added suffering to their plight, and increased their suffering, especially with the health precautions taken by the host or transit countries. Thousands of defenseless civilians who have been stranded between the international borders face complex problems.  They have left everything behind, escaped extremist groups, war zones and have sought refuge in countries that contemplate what risks they have to their new host countries. It seems like these countries have forgotten two world wars that devastated millions of people. After world war II, between 11 to 20 million people were displaced, and most countries in the world united forces to welcome them to their countries and facilitate a fresh start. Neighbors sold neighbors or betrayed them in their home counties, but in new host countries people who did not speak their language, share their culture, or understand their fear; shared food with them, employed them at their jobs, and gave them a new home. 

Isis ( Daesh ) has imposed the biggest threat to the minorities in over dozen countries, it terrorizes women, men, and children alike, and has cause displacement of millions of people. The enemy is not this country or that country instead ISIS ( Daesh ) is an extremist group fueled by hatred for everybody else. Either you are ISIS ( Daesh ) or you are an enemy to ISIS; to them, there are no third dimensions.

Love and compassion can conquer hate and discrimination; and hereby we ask the international community, especially countries that are effected by the wave of refugees seeking  hope in new places to review history of both world wars, and understand the only way forward with least amount of complication is to warmly welcome the refugees, facilitate avenues for them to have a fresh start, and empower them to get over the turmoil imposed by the extremist groups all around the world.