Freemuslim Association Inc. Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention is deeply concerned with rumors that the United States is likely to extradite Fathullah Gulen, the Turkish opposition leader, to Ankara. It cautions against the risk of this blatant human rights violation if it occurs
The organization believes that such a violation may be too risky for the Turkish opposition leader, Fathullah Gulen, especially since the inhuman policy instilled by President Erdogan overtly violate all human rights standards for public and private freedoms. The latest unprecedented wave of arrests is also an index that increases the fears of further escalation of human rights violations.
Over the last few weeks following the alleged coup in Turkey, the security forces of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have launched reprisals against all the religious centers and schools of the Turkish opposition leader, Fathullah Gulen, and have resulted in the arrest of thousands of people as well as collective punishment that has affected various social segments.
Therefore, the organization calls upon the American presidency not to yield to the Turkish pressure for extraditing Fathallah Gulen out of concern for his safety and security and for abiding by international standards and rights that guarantee the political asylum right stipulated by international agreements.
At the same time, the organization reaffirms its rejection of all military coups forms in any country as they are negative practices that hijack the will of people and risk their destiny in an undemocratic manner. The organization underlines the importance of resorting to democratic means and reforming through the ballot box.