Millions of families in the Muslim and Arab world are living below the poverty line, while thousands of families have been affected by political conflicts or bloody wars, in the absence of a systematic governments and authorities legally and morally responsible for the affairs of individuals and families alike
These disturbing situations were a major cause of the imbalanced composition and formation of families and caused social and intellectual disturbances translated through the expansion of the hotbeds of violence, crime, extremism and terrorism, which were clearly reflected on the international situation in general and without exception
These findings and results are a reason for the UN, humanitarian and legal organizations around the world to review and identify the weaknesses and find effective solutions that will foster the right values and atmosphere for the optimal development of families and eliminate damage from the core building blocks of communities.
On the occasion of the International Day of Families, Freemuslim takes this opportunity to call the countries concerned to pay serious attention to the situation of families and to remedy the deterioration in their affairs by avoiding families’ political and armed conflicts. , As well as ensuring free education, health care and a decent income that provides an acceptable standard of living