Freemuslim Association Inc, Center for De-Radicalizand and Extremism Prevention condemns the terrorist operation of The Youth Movement in Somalia

We’ve received news through our anonymous sources the terrorist crime committed by the so-called youth movement against the Somali security personnel with great regret and shock, demanding the international community to stand by the Somali state and its people who are fed up with the human rights violations committed by the terrorist movement.

The medical sources and field reports confirmed that more than 70 members of the Somali security forces were killed in a surprise terrorist attack by the Youth Movement on a government camp in the eastern Somali province of Puntland, as well as damage to public and personal property.


The organization considers that the international community is called upon to stand with the Somali people, who have suffered for decades and still suffering from the terrorist groups and the armed Takfiri gangs who have profaned holy sites and sanctities without any real deterrent to their deviant blood behaviors.

The organization condemns the terrorist attack carried out by The Youth Movement, one of the terrorist organizations of the al-Qaeda Organization, while at the same time standing with the Somali people and supporting them until achieving security and social peace, expressing their appeal to all forces and regional and international governments to stand by this battered country, And help him in his quest to eliminate all forms of terrorism and blind extremism.