On behalf of Freemuslim Association Incorporation, Center for De-Radicalisation and Extremism Prevention, we would like to take the time to congratulate those who participated in the holy month of Ramadhan. We hope that during the Eid al-Fitr celebration you enjoy the moment in prayer and thanksgiving. While it is unfortunate that Muslims have been attacked during the holy month, we acknowledge your patience, grace, and dedication to your faith. It is a true inspiration for all Muslims.


Each year during the holy month of Ramadhan, over a billion Muslims across the world participate in Fasting ceremonies. Some of the key attributes to what makes Ramadhan Fasting unique is the life lessons it endures; including, increase of physical endurance for hunger and  thirst, increase in tolerance for unpleasant life events, and the personal motivations to practice calmness in difficult times.


Ramadhan is a month of getting together and strengthening relationships, between a person’s family members, friends and this extends to members of society at large. Some of the more commonly practiced activities of Ramadhan include practicing peaceful coexistence, seeking knowledge, religious meditation and building stronger intra and inter relationships.


Freemuslim Association aims to increase peace in troubled areas and war zones where violence has taken away core human rights principles. We spread peace by reminding citizens and governing bodies that Islam weighs forgiveness and reconciliation more important than revenge. We encourage diversification of communities because a diversity of ideas and experiences is better than a narrow one. Also, lending a helping hand is welcomed in comparison to blocking aid to troubled areas and regions.


Let us meditate, pray, and celebrate the ending of Ramadhan and seek this holy month’s life lessons to become more tolerant, endure social issues jointly, lift the burden of hunger, poverty and injustice from our societies.


On behalf of Freemuslim’s staff and volunteers;I congratulate you on arrival of Eid al-Fitr and extend my invitation to restore communities most affected by social, political, and economic turmoil together.


Happy Eid



K. Goncalves