Freemuslim Association Inc. Center for De-Radicalization and Extremism Prevention calls for calm and prevail of peace and Muslim union over political conflicts.

Freemuslim expresses its deep dissatisfaction with the worsening political crisis between Qatar on the one hand and its Arabic brother countries, on the other hand, calling all parties to commit to the settlement, not to escalate the opposite situations and preserving the principle of peace and Muslim union over all current political conflicts.

As the organization sees the current crisis between mentioned countries a reason for anxiety and sadness, especially all the conflicting countries belong to Islam, one Arab nationalism and they have many humanitarian believes in common on many levels. And what happened is regarded as a dangerous precedent that should be cured as soon as possible and not allow room for expanding the disagreement.

And the organization calls for the need for all political governments to recognize that the common fate, social safety, and national peace are a connected chain between our countries and any defect or crisis that strikes one of them, implicitly returns to the rest of countries of the region which suffers in a critical situation for decades and can’t bear any new disturbs.

And the organization emphasizes the need to spare citizens, civilians, and population’s interests the political struggles considering that economic disruption and the travel ban is a sin to civilians and a blatant violation to human rights charters.

So the organization calls every concerned country to consider interests and affairs of citizens, to review of recent punitive measures, not to be dragged or escalated, work on containing the current crisis and to lift al sanctions to regain calm and harmony between all different Arab Muslim countries with no exceptions.