The shocking news of the death sentences implemented by the Bahraini regime against three activists; Sami Mushaima (42), Ali Al-Singace (21) and Abbas Al-Samea (27), is worrying and alarming. The organization is expressing a great worry about the consequences of the tragic and the dramatic situations in the state of Bahrain.

By implementing these illegal provisions, the organization sees that the Bahraini regime has cancelled any efforts to fix the situation, and escape from the crisis that the nation has been suffering from for more than five consecutive years. It is an escape forward by aggravating the already profound crisis, with a total absence of any deep vision to avoid the state of Bahrain the danger of collapsing.

In spite of all the international, the regional, and the local pleas, Bahrain has implemented the executions in a way that contradicts all the international laws and regulations, brushing off and not taking seriously the consequences of these acts, which by itself confirms the government’s priority or lack of nationally and internationally.

                Freemuslim Association Inc.  calls upon the authorities and the people of Bahrain to give precedence to the national interest of the common parties that live in the same state, and to work together to find conciliatory solutions before it is too late, especially after the huge rupture which is caused by the current political crisis, and it emphasizes on the importance of the safety and the security of Bahrain