Indiscriminate Bombing of Yemen

Freeuslim condemns the indiscriminate bombardment of defenseless civilians in Yemen, calling on the Arab coalition to stop the aggression that has been going on for years immediately. The organization was briefed on the painful losses caused by the bombing operations carried out by military aircraft returning to the UAE and Saudi Arabia, stressing that what is happening amount to war crimes explicitly. At least 70 civilians, most of them children, women and the elderly, were killed in the intense bombing operations, in addition to extensive destruction of infrastructure and civilian homes, and this constitutes a flagrant violation of the laws of war approved by the international community to spare civilians the scourge of war. At the same time, the organization calls on international relief organizations to take urgent action to rescue the wounded and to ensure the speedy arrival of medicines and medical supplies to the state of Yemen.

We also condemn any violent action by Yemeni Houthis towards other countries. Civilians must be spared from political disagreement of countries, especially in proxy wars. Dialogue is the safest approach and it is least costly when it comes to disputes between countries.