Turkey Endangers Lives of Uyghur

Freemuslim expresses great concerns for Uyghurs who live in Turkey. According to China’s leaked National Defense Strategy, firsthand accounts from escapees, and prisoners’ family members, Uyghurs are being tortured and starved. They’re dying of the disease. Women are being sterilized. Organs are being harvested and purchased outside of the country. Children are being sent to orphanages and boarding schools. They’re also manufacturing parts of Apple’s iPhones and materials in Nike apparel.

The Chinese government has stopped shipment of Covid-19 vaccines to Turkey until the Turkish government ratifies the treaty. Hundred of thousand of Uyghurs who had resided in other countries, like in this case residents of Turkey, started awareness raising campaigns to showcase the atrocity the Uyghur population is facing inside China.

We ask the Turkish government to stop these exchanges, also ask the Chinese government to close down these camps, send the detained Uyghurs home to their families, free the parents & and allow kids who are forcefully kept in kindergarten like facilities ( without visitation rights ) to go back to their loved-ones. We also ask the international community to step forward and intervene in such inhumane actions by any government.

Freemuslim believes people should be able to voice their concerns about the environment they live in and/or protest any humanitarian crisis, and the condition of Uyghur Muslims in China indeed is a humanitarian crisis.