Arrests of Muslim Dissidents in Kashmir

Freemuslim’s Inclusion Forum strongly condemns the arrest of Muslim dissidents and activists in the Indian Kashmir region. We ask the authorities to release all detainees and to stop the policy of racial discrimination practiced for months.

Our sources indicate that the Indian authorities have arrested more than 75 political leaders and activists in the Kashmir region, after the recent local elections, in the context of a racist political liquidation campaign aimed at suppressing Muslims in that region. The organization believes that the Indian violations are now indicating concern and discontent about the human rights file, which calls for the authorities to review their policies in dealing with the Muslims of Kashmir and search for democratic alternatives that guarantee the supposed rights.

At the same time, the organization calls on international bodies and human rights organizations to utilize their connections to uncover inhuman practices facing the population of the region against a dangerous political and religious background, and to work to stop these violations due to their painful repercussions on the level of individuals and Muslim and non-Muslim societies that share the Kashmir region.