Protests in Russia

Freemuslim Inclusion Forum expresses its concern about use of violence in response to protestors. Russian police and special forces detained more than 3500 protestors in several cities. It is important to allow demonstrators to voice their opinion and call for constructive change to current policies. Use of force and violence only leads to increased tension between demonstrators and police forces and use of violence by police to calm the situation only fuels the fire within each demonstrator. Russia, like any other government, should facilitate platforms for people to ventilate their problems, demand healthy and constructive changes to the current situation and become part of the change a country needs to prosper.

We ask Russian authorities to free the detainees related to demonstrations, and ask demonstrators to conduct a peaceful protest. Any use of violence from both sides leads to increased tension. Political disagreement does not grant permission for violent protest, likewise, having political authority does not grant use of violence to oppress voices of people. Freemuslim’s Inclusion Forum reiterate importance of having an inclusive society and acting collectively to make our societies better.