Afghanistan Arrests Chinese Spies

Afghan officials arrest ten Chinese agents who have been impersonating as Uyghurs and inciting violence in a plot to ruin the public image of Uyghurs. Last week, a chartered plane left Kabul airport to an unknown destination in China. Aboard were ten Chinese nationals, who had been arrested in Afghanistan on December 10, some in the house of one Li Yangyang, believed to be a high-profile intelligence agent, where weapons, ammunition, and drugs had also been found. 

Initially, the ten were accused of terrorism and of colluding with the Haqqani Network, a military arm of the Talibans. Afghanistan asked Chinese ambassador Wang Yu for a formal apology to have the agents expelled, and told him that without it, they will be tried by a local criminal court.

The Afghans, however, had it wrong. As the investigation proceeded, it came out that the Chinese spies were not trying to support a real terrorist organization but to create a fake one. The East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) is not an active violent group anymore, but reports show evidence that these Chinese spies impersonating as ETIM members and inciting violence.

We ask Afghan officials to conduct full investigation on the matter and prosecute anyone who incites violence. We also encourage Uyghurs to continue their journey to combat unjust actions by the Chinese government against the Uyghur Muslims. Chinese government has forcefully detained more than million Uyghurs into concentration camps under the title of “re-education,” and has entered their children into kindergartens that are fenced up with zero visitation rights by family members.

There has been numerous reports by detainees, doctors and also first hand testimonials by women of Uyghur ethnicity that the Chinese government has intentionally targeted the Uyghurs in a nation-wide attempt. There has been hundreds of cases of forced abortion, forced contraception and in numerous cases; forced sterilization for women who have been pregnant, and or already have two kids.

In addition to above mentioned gruesome action by the Chinese government, birth control implants have been inserted into women’s upper arms to prevent future pregnancy. There has been reports of forced abortion at the full term of pregnancy meaning in the third trimester where the unborn child is fully formed, has a heart beat and all organs have formed, and in some cases; forced removal of the womb has been experienced.

We ask the international human rights organizations to amplify efforts to combat Chinese efforts to systematically target minorities including the Uyghurs and applaud the afghan government for their efforts to capture these impersonators.